Facebook fan page auto liker online dating

22-Jul-2017 01:54

Two weeks ago, I watched Justin Mc Leod, founder of the dating app Hinge, give a talk on the future of dating.

Initially, the app was very similar to Tinder except that it aimed to pair users with friends of Facebook friends.The pair’s love story is cute — it even landed a spot in the New York Times’s Modern Love column.But what does it say about online dating that even the founder of a popular dating app didn’t need his own product?Is there something in the back of your head that says: I could have optimized more? But the other thing is, increasing people’s pool size to a point is very helpful. You could probably be happy with a lot of people, but how do you focus on having a real and authentic connection with one person? We found that most people don’t think some super-special algorithms that knows their Meyers-Briggs type and what type of ketchup they buy would be able to find their right person. So much of attraction is X factor — the particular way a person looks or the way they answered a question you thought was cute.

Maybe this registers in the algorithm that runs in your brain which figures out whether you’re a good mate with someone.

Sales diagnosed what Mc Leod believed to be a real problem in the online dating industry.