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This middle-aged man-child has classic Peter Pan syndrome.He has a couple of kids (that he knows about), sports a pob haircut (think Victoria Beckham in prime WAG mode) and the bachelor pad he bought from his communion money is populated with copious game consoles.Is there anything to be said for reviving dancing at the crossroads?

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The nose is fragrant with aromas of caramel, vanilla and a touch of sweet apricot; on the rich and full-bodied palate look for flavours of caramel followed by sweet oak spice on the long and flavourful finish.Enter a doe-eyed beaut from the Basque region whose first point of contact isn’t a dick pic (ah, the little things). After a few weeks of flowers, frottage and full-on romance, you sleep with him only for him to fall off the face of the earth – he’s a professional ghost. Paula, 38, knew her date was a bit skinflint when he showed up in his Sunday best and no front teeth, mansplaining that the Irish dental system was too expensive and he, “didn’t like spending money.” 28-year-old Annie’s second date with Steve, 31, was Netflix and chill in his gaff. New company Real Doll is making us lose our shit because now we have to compete with sexbots that perform even when they have a “killer headache.” FFS!