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Once a version 4.8 MSI package has been installed, future client versions can detect the existing version 4.8 installation and automatically begin the uninstallation process.

•To use the VPN Client, you need –Direct network connection (cable or DSL modem and network adapter/interface card), or –Internal or external modem •To connect using a digital certificate for authentication, you need a digital certificate signed by one of the following Certificate Authorities (CAs) installed on your PC: –Baltimore Technologies ( –Entrust Technologies ( –Netscape ( –Verisign, Inc.

This secure connection is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Refer to Chapter 2, "Installing the VPN Client," in the system, you need –CD-ROM drive (if you are installing from CD-ROM) –Administrator privileges •The following table indicates the system requirements to install the VPN Client on each of the supported platforms.

In this document, the term "PC" applies generically to all these computers, unless specified otherwise.

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The VPN Client for Linux, Release consists of the following file: vpnclient-linux-x86_64- The VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release consists of the following file: vpnclient-darwin- following notes are important for users who are upgrading to Windows XP and users who want to downgrade to an earlier version of the VPN Client software.(Biarch is a 64-bit kernel that allows execution of 32-bit applications.) This client is not compatible with pure 64-bit operating systems.The Client operates on both 32-bit i386 and biarch x86_64 operating systems.When installing the Windows MSI installation package, the user must manually uninstall the previous VPN Client if it is older than Release 4.8.

The Release 4.8 MSI installer does not detect older versions, and the installer attempts to install before aborting gracefully.

On i386 32-bit operating systems, this release is not a Beta.