My boyfriend39s best friend is dating his ex

30-Aug-2017 10:31

Even if the breakup itself was fairly drama-free, trying to share friends after the fact can create drama, and most men would rather avoid this altogether. Here are 3 rules to follow to ensure that you don't cross the line by maintaining your mutual friends: Rule 1: Observe the 6-month rule.

Relationship expert and dating coach Lauren Frances suggests you stick to a 6-month buffer zone after the breakup where you avoid hanging out with your ex's friends and their significant others.

I say it is never, ever OK to date your ex’s friend.

It just leaves too many things to chance, things that could not only backfire and ruin your relationship, but also destroy the friendship he has with his friend in the process.

Now, if you happen to have found yourself head-over -heels in love with your ex’s friend, and you are already carrying on a fling with him, there’s only one thing left to do.

You must have your new boyfriend talk to your ex, man to man.

"This is common courtesy, will prevent you both from feeling awkward, and give everyone the space to transition into new relationships," Frances explains.

The last thing either of you need is to plan a night out with friends, only to find out your ex is going to be there. Even if you were close with these women, it's not your place to rely on them during the vulnerable period after a breakup.

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On the other hand, if you dated someone for a considerable period of time and his friend is hitting on you, don’t take the bait. But sometimes, the most contentious question of all is: Who keeps which friends?You might genuinely adore his best friend or his sister, and pretty soon you've integrated two respective circles into what feels like one.Hooking up with your ex’s friend is a recipe for disaster, so if you happen to have a crush on one of your ex’s buddies, get over it.

No matter how suave he is, no matter how dashing he looks in Ralph Lauren, and no matter how fantastic he smells, he is off limits, honey!But do these attachments last if the relationship doesn't? A breakup with a guy generally means a breakup with his friends and family, too.

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