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19-Sep-2017 00:40

This little crochet trick has been invented and reinvented repeatedly over the years!

And the Chainless Starting Double Crochet stitch IS tricky – it definitely takes some practice.

) Hold the forefinger of your hook-holding hand on top of the stretched loop, against the hook, so it can’t move.

You must pay a fee to eat the pie, and the restaurant probably won’t give you their recipe.

If you copied their pie exactly and sold it under your own name, the restaurant could take action against you.

Yarn over the hook with the stretched loop, so that the loop is wrapped around the hook as shown below.

Yarn over with the working yarn and carefully pull up a loop behind the stretched loop, so that the new loop and the top of the stretched loop (still held down by your finger) are on the hook.

It takes some practice – pulling up the loop to just the right height (a little shorter is easier!

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