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There is a Voltairean wit and a free-thinker in him, as well as a Right-Wing Catholic, and this helps to explain how he can be all things to all men and enjoy such liberty of maneuver.

I see no reason to doubt the normal division of France into Catholic and non-Catholic, provided we remember that the two strains have influenced each other for generations.

What Professor Pitts calls “prowess” may be a survival of the artisan spirit, or a manifestation of the individualistic tradition of wangling which naturally develops in a centralized state, or a sign of sturdy republican independence or Napoleonic adventurism, or the quixotic gallantry of aura.

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Authoritarian centralism, for instance, may be as much a feature of the secular Left Wing as of the Catholic Right, but this is because, at the Revolution, the new men inherited an already centralized state, which was still further centralized by Napoleon.One sometimes wonders why politics and government remain such a haphazard affair when so many experts now devote themselves impartially to the elucidation of social problems.